All About Vilmar, Pt. II

LOVES My son, my parents, my friends, life, sunrises, sunsets, pounding surfs, the change of seasons, FAST cars,  music, good books, and foreign movies.

I also enjoy the hell out of a good political discussion.

#1: I can not stand television. It (along with a lack of parental responsibility) may be responsible for much of the societal ills we suffer in the US.

You ever sit and wonder how many of your living hours are consumed in front of that boob tube? Did you know that the average person while watching TV has a lower metabolic rate than while they sleep? In other words, you burn more calories sleeping than watching TV. And then you wonder why so many of our citizens are fat (obese, rotund, terrestrially whale-like)! No rocket science here, eh?

Ever notice the vacuous looks of those engaged in watching TV? The slack jaw? The glassy eyes?


#2: Can't stand it when people do not accept responsibility for their actions or for what happens to them due to their laziness or inaction. Life never is fair.  So get over it and quit blaming the rest of the world. 

HOBBIES 1.) Photography
2.) Working my garden
3.) Reading
4.) Listening to music
5.) Movies (not TV, dammit!)
6.) Finding new adventures to embark on
I have several plans.
1.) Open a business offering to destroy people's TVs for free
2.)Walk the Appalachian Trail
3.) Bike across the flat parts of Europe; maybe parts of Africa when things settle down there
4.) Get to those "new frontiers" on the planet--the Arctic, the valleys of Nepal, etc.
5.) Buy an RV and do the "full-time" thing

PHILOSOPHIES 1.)  Take time to smell the flowers. This concept we have of working until we are 65 and then retiring is about as fucked up as anything I've ever had to deal with. Ideally we should work (hard!) and bear/rear children between 21 and 45. Then retire for 15 years so we could still enjoy the fruits of our labor before our bodies give out on us. Then back to the workplace for 10 years and if still alive after that, retire for good.
Barring being able to singlehandedly change the Milleniums old system we have to deal with today, the next best thing is to work hard, save, invest your money and retire at 45/50.
2.)  Stop the gross accumulation of material goods. (Ooops, take it back. Go ahead. Buy all that stuff that's hyped at you. All that useless shit you'll put in a closet or sell at a garage sale in 6 months.) While you do that I'll be investing in the companies that sell it.
3.)  Believe in yourself.



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